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Interval Training

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Interval Training Workouts on the Elliptical

The elliptical machine provides a good workout while maintaining low impact on your joints. When you want to rev up your workout, interval training on the elliptical is one way to do that. Interval training involves varying your workout between periods of intense exertion and lighter exertion or even rest periods. Follow a few key tips to get the most out of your interval elliptical workout....(more)

The Best Ab Exercises for a Quick Workout

When it comes to getting toned abs, many effective exercise routines are easy to fit into your normal day and don't require tons of exercise equipment or hundreds of traditional crunches. Tighten up your tummy with a quick ab workout that you do right at home. These exercises are the best way to get in a solid ab workout anywhere you are able to stretch out in as little as 20 minutes per day....(more)

The Best Total Body Exercises for Losing Weight

In order to lose body fat quickly, you need to perform total body exercises that get your arms, legs and torso moving over a period of time. When you need to burn calories and lose weight, try a few of the following total-body exercises during your next workout....(more)

Reasons Why Interval Training is Better Than Traditional Cardio

There are many reasons that cardio intervals can be more beneficial than regular, traditional cardio. People exercise and workout for many reasons, including weight loss. For some people exercise can help with heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems that they may already have. If you are looking for a reason to do regular interval workouts rather than traditional cardio, look no further....(more)


Return to Fitness Faster After Injury

Many people avoid exercise after an injury because they are afraid of re-injury, or making their existing problem worse. In fact, it is common for people to do exactly opposite of what they should do to properly rehabilitate their body. Here are four common mistakes people make after injury. ...(more)

How to Treat an Injury to Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers

Human skeletal muscles, also known as voluntary muscles, are divided into two types: slow twitch and fast twitch muscles. Injuries to slow twitch muscle fibers decrease your strength endurance capabilities. Knowing how to treat this type of injury is greatly beneficial to athletes, particularly those who focus on long distance running or extended physical endurance training....(more)

Exercises to Avoid Knee Pain

Knees are the most commonly injured joint. When you walk up the stairs, your knees experience pressure four times your body weight. It is important to frequently stretch the muscles that support your knees. Healthy muscles in the legs and thighs can support your knee and prevent further injury. The following exercises can be performed in minutes a day. The knee and surrounding muscles will gain strength, flexibility while reducing pain and preventing future strain....(more)

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