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Exercise Your Entire Body With a Rowing Machine

You have seen people with strong shoulders, a ripped back and toned abs who only seem to row. Rowing machines are great for developing fitness and physique, especially if you want that same healthy, athletic look. The basic row exercise works the entire body. It trains almost every muscle in your body with a fat-burning cardiovascular workout....(more)

Agility Training

Workout Words: Definition of Flexibility

As you try to live a healthier lifestyle and improve upon the overall condition of your body, there are many areas that you might wish to focus on enhancing. The three most common areas of focus include building muscle mass, improving cardio endurance and increasing flexibility. If you are interested in the latter, gain a solid understanding of the definition of flexibility and how you can work toward improving in this area....(more)

Losing Weight Through Cardio and Agility Exercises

Weight loss is one of the biggest concerns of men and women in the United States. Weight loss is a $30 billion per year industry and for good reason. One in every three American adults is at least overweight, and yet after all the money spent and all the research, losing weight requires the same basic formula as always. A big part of that formula is exercise. Cardiovascular and agility exercises can help you achieve your weight loss goals....(more)

The Best Workouts for Great Abs

With the best workout, abs are sculpted to perfection. It takes time to go from a state of inactivity to a state of physical fitness but with effort over time, abs slowly become firm and flat. All great workout programs feature a combination of different emphases, mostly revolving around different muscle groups like the core, which includes the frontal abdominal muscles and obliques. These best workouts for abs make your stomach strong and firm....(more)

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Bonnie Pfiester is a national fitness expert with over 20 years in the fitness business. As a gym owner, BCx Boot Camp trainer and fitness columnist, she knows what people need to get, and stay, fit. Bonnie and her boot camps have been recognized in various publications and television networks... Read More

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