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6 Reasons to Run Indoors

As the warm season rolls in, it becomes more uncomfortable to exercise outside. Even late risers get up earlier to run or walk their dog to beat the heat - or worse, they skip (MORE)
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Get The Best Elliptical Workout

Regular gym goers often favor one cardio machine over others, but sticking to a favorite machine may not be the best plan of action - especially when it comes to elliptical tr (MORE)

Why Women Avoid Weights

The majority of women start exercising to lose weight. Whether they need to lose five pounds or fifty pounds, fat loss is typically first priority. Sadly, most women will neve (MORE)

Reduce Pain with Exercise

Pain is a very powerful thing. It can change our attitude, bank account, happiness, focus and entire lifestyle. It can drive you to be someone you do not want to be, and it ca (MORE)